Nada Dada … Today!

Collage art by Don Prather, haiku-on-request by Carol Cizauskas, and wall hangings by Gil Prather. Stop by to browse and shop, to have a poem written just for you, to receive an angel card reading, to meet the artists … and to sit and enjoy a cuppa joe (the best in the city).

Nada Dada 2012, Reno, Nevada

Authentic Reno Art for Budget Travellers

For more details about the artists, visit:!/WhiteFoxArts!/SixBlocksFromTheCity!/events/461447240536973/

For more details about Nada Dada, visit:
          (That’s right, a New York Times story on the 2009 Nada Dada!)!/groups/nadadada/

Townhouse Motor Lodge located at 2nd St. & Arlington Ave. (across from the St. Thomas Aquinas cathedral and the El Cortez — Room # 226

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