One thought on “Pedestrian Warfare

  1. About a month ago, my boyfriend, Donald Prather, was crossing the Reno intersection in the rain. The crosslight had just changed from the white walker to the flashing red hand as he began his first steps across the street. Keep in mind that it was not yet solid red, nor was he crossing anywhere unmarked for crossing.

    A motorcycle cop turned on his “you’ve done something wrong and you’re in for it now” lights, circled around twice, parked a half block away from Don, and slowly walked up to him. Meantime, Don was standing hunched over in the cold rain waiting for this “officer” to take his time while he is strutting his power over a pedestrian too poor to own a motor vehicle.

    The cop then lectured him on the danger of jaywalking for ten minutes, while Don stood still and obedient, cold in the rain. The cop wrote him a one hundred twenty dollar ticket.

    Don then challenged it in court. The judge gave Don the choice of paying the kind of disposable income that he doesn’t have, money that would dig in to rent and food, or of being punished for the crime of crossing on a flashing red walker by performing eight hours of community service. If the jaywalker chose that, he would have to pay twenty-five dollars for the privilege — this, demanded of a man who has been volunteering ten to thirty hours a week already for a year while job-hunting in the nation’s highest unemployment state.

    Please explain to me again how class warfare does not exist.


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