7 thoughts on “For Ed Porawski

  1. Chuck says:

    Thank you so much Carol. Ed talked about your friendship fondly. Thank you for sharing your stories and your haiku.


  2. Thanks, Chuck. That means a lot to know that, like a big, warm hug (the kind Ed always gave) right when I need it. Ed’s love is all around us!


  3. Wayne Irvine says:

    Ed is someone who always added to my sense of well being through his warmth, I so wish I could have been there more for him through his challenges, but he rarely shared any negativity, let alone personal pain. He’s been a difference maker in all the lives he’s touched and an influence on mine that make me a better person through carrying out his consistent example of human generosity. His life was well worthwhile and won’t be forgotten, I love you Ed!


  4. terrina porawski says:

    Terrina Porawski I didn’t find out about my brothers death until 6 months later. I loved my brother very much and am sorry that our adoptive parents did every thing they could to keep us apart. He has a nephew, Adam, who never really got to know him, and I deeply regret we did not know he was in trouble. I am very certain of the cause of the pain he suffered inside as I have it to. I am so happy he had so many friends and had built a wonderful reputation. I just wish he hadn’t left.


  5. Hugs & love to you, Terrina, on the loss of your brother. He made such a big difference in my life! I am so sorry for your pain, too, and can say that time and love do make a huge difference and lift the burden a bit. I know because I have felt the same pain more than once. We are all here for a reason, and I am so glad to know that you find some sunshine in knowing about Ed’s wonderful gift to all of us in the dear friend he was to us all.


    • Thank-you Carol for your kind words. I am hoping that someone can help me acquire pictures of Ed. i am hoping that might be you. I am still having a terrible time with his death and how hateful joe porawski was. I am certain that the inner pain Ed hid so well was because of him. i went to the City Council and was hoping to arrange a plaque for him but I need help. My e-mail is maximumcat2002@yahoo.com. If anyone deserves a plague in this city it is him. Last year I called and forgave him for the past. It was probably too late for him to say he had a sister and wouldn’t have wanted to explain why he hadn’t mentioned me before. No matter what happened, I am in pain over the pain he felt. I know it to well. Please help me if you can. Love Terrena Porawski


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