2 thoughts on “Via LinkedIn

  1. Chuck Stripey says:

    Carol, That haiku made MY skin crackle.  I hope you are ok.  Chuck

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  2. Thanks, Chuck. I’m okay, nothing terrible happened. But there was someone who attacked Don and me last summer, someone who acted out of viciousness and hatred. I blocked her in every way I could from all communication and entree into my life … and then yesterday I received a LinkedIn invitation from her with the standard verbiage LinkedIn suggests. I couldn’t believe it! Of course, I didn’t accept her invitation. The only way I would ever have contact with someone who attacked me at any point in my life would be if that person made amends through sincerely apologizing with accompanying effort. In my experience, sadly, abusive, hate-filled people never apologize.

    Thank you for your concern. Big hugs to you!


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